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    I tested the new build 7.1.66 early this morning at Sun Rise and the skinned Tooltip did not change from nighttime to daytime when the Hours to sunset countdown started.

    Any more tweaking you can do to get this to work currectly?

    either way thanks for trying :icon_smile:
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    gate1975mlm, the change I made only fixed the current condition description, current condition icon, and tooltip background if the weather data is incorrectly showing that it's nighttime/daytime when the weather data is downloaded. I haven't been able to reproduce that issue, but it looks like it might be an issue after reviewing the above screenshots.

    The second problem is that the hours to sunrise/sunset is calculated in realtime when the tooltip is displayed, but the current condition icon is not. The current condition icon is showing the condition for the last "observed" time.

    For Weather Watcher Live to work without fail like you're describing, I'd probably have to setup a timer within the application that checks the sunrise/sunset every second to determine when it changes. At the point when it changes, I'd have to modify the current condition so it shows nighttime instead of daytime, or vice versa. That would allow the tray icon image to be flipped to nightime/daytime and the tooltip to display the correct background the next time you mouse over the tray icon.

    While a fix like this would be possible, it's probably going to be more work than it's worth. And, for locations where the current conditions are not updated frequently, there could be scenarios where the last observed time is prior to sunset and the current condition shows a nighttime icon/description.